This ‘Cursed’ Wallpaper Can Crash Android System UI!

Ever heard of a wallpaper that takes the System UI android smartphone into unending bootloops, this scary thing is already here.

This image with pretty aesthetics holds hidden code, which is improperly coded Color Profile by Google. The motive behind doing so is to crash the System UI of Android devices, especially, of Samsung smartphones. As soon as one puts this image as a wallpaper, it takes no time to crash System UI.

Some Facts About This Scary Wallpaper:

  • DO NOT try this unless you just like completely factory resetting phones.
  • This image can crash your android phones.
  • It goes beyond Samsung phones. Even Android emulators are not immune from the out of bounds error that improperly coded color profile causes.

If you already set the wallpaper, your phone is probably either stuck in a bootloop or will kick back to the bootloader. In this case you have a few ways of potentially fixing your phone. We researched the cause and came up with some solutions as well.

Here are some Solutions:

  1. If your phone will boot into safe mode, you may have just enough time to set the wallpaper back to something normal and safe.
  2. Suppose your phone won’t boot to safe mode but you have a phone that has a custom recovery on it — not something most folks have, but if you use a custom ROM or root your phone, you probably have one installed — go into your custom recovery app and purge the wallpaper data to reset the wallpaper back to its default.
  3. If all else fails, go into the bootloader and factory reset your phone. Hope you had everything backed up!

Remember, when someone warns you about not doing something with your phones, you probably shouldn’t do it. If you still want to try, you deserve to blow a whole week to set your phone back up.

Peace! ✌

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