Tesla Model S Bulletproof? Can a Model S become bulletproof?

Tesla Bulletproof or Defense Mode, What actually it is?

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Tesla launched their Cyber-truck a built-in bulletproof vehicle. But have you ever thought of Tesla Model S a bulletproof vehicle?

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But do you know Tesla Model S can also be a bulletproof vehicle?

Yes we can make Tesla Model S bulletproof, We can add a mod to the vehicle.

Armormax upgrades provide this mod without compromising the superb look of Tesla Model S.

Modification is available in three types and those are B4, B5, and B6 mainly.

B7 is not available currently due to its structural problem.

With the current security, we add an extra protecting layer on our vehicle which stops bullet entering into the vehicles, front glass, windows, and back glass also get a special coating which absorbs the shock of bullet and stops it outside.

The main intention behind these is to protect some people who could get shot in public.

One can buy this in Armormax outlet.

In Armormax outlet they add an extra layer of body coating with metal padding inside the doors.

Also in rear trunk, and bulletproof glasses for a windshield, driver side, passenger side.

A B and C post of the cars are containing bulletproof paneling inside them this adds nearly about 190-400Kgs Weight to the Vehicle.

The glass is made with multiple layers so when it gets shot it absorbs all energy and underneath it’s a polycarbonate, it is an energy absorbing material

This adds support to the vehicle not only for saving from getting a headshot but for keeping the vehicle steady as it adds extra weight in it. It affects the performance of the vehicle is very low.

So it is totally safe and value for money to get a Bulletproof mod for Tesla Model S.

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