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Ever thought to get in proper shape while doing daily basis activity, here is the chance to win goodies with Step Set Go.

you might think what we are talking about, i mean you might think that why we are talking about fitness on a tech website? well you get your all answer,just stay tuned with us.

What Step Set go actually is?

Step Set Go is mumbai -based startup,that help’s you to get in shape, and earns you goodies as well! Step Set Go is an Indian fitness measuring app which measures the number of step you had walked, but you might thought,

if it is a fitness measuring app then what’s difference between this app and other apps which are available at google play store and app store,so here is the answer of your question

this app not only measure your number of step you walked over a period of time but,

this app also give you rewards for the number of steps you walked!!, which mean “the more you walk, the more you get”

How to win the goodies / competition?

Further, SSG announced a competition for its users.

To win or to take the challenge download the step set go app from playstore.

Sign up and proceed, further, you will see the #30DINREWARDSIN campaign.

Click and join the event. Now invite everyone from your contact and tell them to walk 5000 steps.

Further, if 20 or more people join you you’ll select, then after the more, you walk greater chance to win these:

How does Set Step Go works??

Since now you know, what this app do,but one question must struck in your mind, that how does this app works or what special permission does we need to give this app, so you can use it properly .

This app is based on GPS,with the help of GPS the app knows how many steps you have walked.

Every 1000 step you take is rewarded 1 SSG( Step Set Go) coin.

These SSG coins can be collected over a time to claim products & discounts in the app ” Bazzar”.

Here is a Screen shot of SSG app

As you already know, this app gives you 1 SSG coin every 1000 step you walk.

but walking is not enough, everyday you got a new task and after completing you reach high levels,

on the app and you get more rewards.

The concept is simple, walk to earn SSG coins.Use these coins to redeem awesome rewards.

Rewards can be exclusive discount or amazing products that are completely free!!

1000 Basic Steps( indoor steps)= 1.25 SSG coins

1000 outdoor step= 1.00 SSG coins


The home page of this app is where all your action take place.It show you the step you walked today,the level on which you are at,

the distance you had covered, the calories you had burned today and your total SSG balance.

Don’t forget to level up!!:

You fitness journey on StepSetGo is mapped out by 5 levels,walk a bit more everyday to upgrade your level,upgrading gives you access to earn more SSG coins.

Invite and Earn:

To make your fitness journey more interesting and rewarding ,you can invite your all friends and family at StepSetGo. The more the merrier compete with your friends in the weekly leaderboard to see who walk the most. You also get rewarded with free SSG Coins, everytime when you invite someone on this step based fitness app.


In the very center of this app you will find something known as “Bazaar”. Redeem your hard earned SSG coins to avail amazing free products and exclusive discounts .Get free brand vouchers from the best brands.

Rewards :

So now you know that you can earn rewards while using this app, but one question might struck in your mind that what kind of rewards will you get,so

Let’s know how can we use this app :

  • To use this app you have to connect over internet and GPS.
  • To cross the levels,you must have to complete their tasks and after completing the tasks you get SSG coins.

Since now you get all idea and information about StepSetGo, you might want to know where you can get the app or you might want to know weather this app is available at different app stores or not.

To clear your all queries , here is the short answer yes this app is available for both google play store as well as for apple app store.

You can visit StepSetGo by clicking here .

You can download SSG from Google playstore from the download button given below:

You can download SSG app from apple app store by clicking download button given below:

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