How Snapchat streak restore is performed?

Snapchat streaks are a very old thing, but in lockdown, it was a good time to make streaks with you buddies, but, while doing it we loose streaks so here is the process to perform snapchat streak restore.

How to restore Snapchat Streaks?

Restoring snapchat streaks are very easy job all you have to do is report it to snapchat. Make sure you remember the streak count so it will be an easy job for you too.

Go to and follow the steps mentioned below.

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Firstly, visit on Contact-Us page and select “My Snapstreaks have disappeared”.

Further, It will open a form. Fill Up the form

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In the first box fill your username. Find it on your account if you don’t know.

Next in second box fill the email address, if it is not linked then link and verify to proceed.

Fill your mobile number in the next box.

Now you have to fill the brand name and model number separated by a comma or anything, on which you used the snapchat.

Now you have to fill the username of your friend, with whom you lost the snapstreak.

In the next box you have to fill the date on which you lost snapstreak, fill the date and move to next box.

Now you have to put the number, if I had a streak of 100 days with my friend and I lost it on 101th Day so I will put 100 in the box.

In the next box it will ask you if you saw that icon or not, you can say yes and all. But go with the no and in the description box say something like it vanished automatically and other reasons. Now verify the captcha and click on send.

Wait for few minutes and open snapchat. Bravo your snapchat streak restore is done.

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