PUBG Mobile Tips, Controls Recoils, a complete strategy!

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Hey what’s up gamers, we’re back with juicy tips for you to master PUBG Mobile. As a veteran player I want to guide you through what I learned in these years playing both casual and competitive. So without further ado let’s get into it.

Usual Stuff in PUBG Mobile :

Alright, so here are listed some basic settings which everyone is recommended to follow as it makes your life easier in PUBG Mobile.

  • Make sure your phone is properly charged.
  • Adjust your graphics settings according to your device’s hardware.
  • Turn peek and fire on.
  • Turn gyroscope on (will require you to get used to it).
  • Check if Aim Assist is on.
  • Adjust the button layout as per your liking (Highly suggest 3 or 4 finger layouts).
  • Controls and Sensitivity will be updated shortly.

Landing in PUBG Mobile

Okay, so you have configured all the settings to your liking. But now what? Now starts the more advanced and complicated part.

The basic rule of looting is, more loot attracts more players. So if you’re playing solo and you are not shroud, then I would suggest going to scattered areas avoiding big loot spots.

Yes, you wouldn’t get much loot but, it’s better than laying dead because you didn’t get the gun first. Even if you have your full squad landing in hot zones is good for practice but bad if you’re playing serious or competitive.

Even if you got a gun, don’t rush towards enemies. You might be able to kill them if you’re lucky but remember vests are important. It makes a huge impact on your survivability.

I like to use a basic slogan for looting. “Loot smart and fast, not first or last”.

The First Circle

After you have looted to your heart’s content check where the first circle has landed. If you’re in it then its no problem.

But if unfortunately, you’re out of the circle then don’t straight rush in. The first blue zone doesn’t damage you that much so it is safe to loot for more advanced gear and wait until everyone has entered the safe zone.

Being the last one in you won’t have to worry about getting shot from behind. Thus you can focus more on what’s ahead of you.

Mid Game

So now you are armed to the teeth, full of enthusiasm and wanna kill some players. Now you have two options.

If you’re in the middle of the safe zone then its highly likely that next couple of zones land on you.

I wouldn’t advise on being in the same building or compound for a long amount of time but you can be defensive and not take fights.

Always keep a minimum of 2 vehicles with you if playing with a squad. You can use these vehicles as a cover if the last zone ends up in an open field.

Never shoot on someone unless they have seen you or you have the confidence that you will take that player down. Not doing so will just draw unnecessary attention on your squad.

And always remember to keep moving. Do not stay in the same place for more than 1.5 minutes. If playing defensive then 2-3 minutes can be a good amount of time.

The Last Circles

Alright, roughly only 4-5 squads are remaining now as you reach the last cluster of zones. Now is a great time to use those vehicles.

Choose your favorite spot on the zone and defend yourself. Make sure to check your 6 (back). Communicate information on enemy locations constantly and move as a pack.

Also, utilize grenades as much as possible as you always want the upper hand in these situations.

Miscellaneous Tips

Use real-life army strategies in PUBG Mobile. Yes, this is a video game but don’t forget you are up against real people playing it. Flanking is the best tactic to catch your enemies off guard.

Also, try run and gun technique if you are an absolute marksman. In the end, it comes to strategies and playing mind games with your enemy. Never be predictable, don’t do the most obvious of things.

Use utility (Grenades) available at your disposal. Check corners when clearing a house. Never cross a road or advance unless you have suppressing fire.

Yes, suppress the enemies so that your teammates can change positions. I always used to yell at my teammates to suppress and they always say why does it matter.

Well, any player would not come out of cover if you keep spraying bullets on him giving us a chance to flank or reposition.

Final Words

So there you go. A veteran players tip for getting that tasty chicken dinner. I hope you found it informative. Do check out our other articles to find new, crazy stuff. And as always, enjoy!

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