Playstation 5, The True Engineering Work! Console Market revolution?????

It’s been more than a week since Sony announced the PlayStation 5, so, firstly, let’s talk about it now 🙂

I waited really long for it! Did you?

Meanwhile Sony tried to fit with the Techy-look this time and did great work too! However but ended up getting trolled!

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A Twitter user posted a tweet about the price leak:

The price of Playstation 5 is €499 that’s 42,700₹ and 531 Dollars.
And The Price of Digital Variant will be €399 that means in Indian rupees 34,100. And 450 Dollars.

To clarify, Digital Variant is better with the price but make sure you have the good internet to download huge games.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X ?

Both brands didn’t have  unveiled the TRUE price yet!

Above all, people were saying that price above 500 dollars for a console is too high and it is true.

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Key Specs of Playstation 5:

  • CPU will be AMD ZEN2 [8-Cores @3.5GHz Variable frequency!GPU:  10.28TeraFlop, 36Cus at 2.23GHz.
  • GPU Architecture will be Custom RDNA 2
  • Further 16GB GDDR6 [256- BIT] MEMORY INTERFACE.
  • Internal Storage will be custom 825GB [SSD] Solid State Drive.
  • It has expandable storage with NVMe SSD Slot.
  • External storage will support PS4 Games HDD
  • Further PS5 has an optical drive with 4K UHD Blu-ray drive.

The latest Gen Dualshock controller is above everything!

PS 5 will be coming with many exclusive games.

PS5 will support VR and this is obvious!

What do I think about PlayStation 5?

In the conclusion I will say that PS 5 will be fire in the market! However Xbox Series X is tough competitor.

Most Importantly if the price of the console kept under 500 dollar then the console gaming will be on next generation.

On ther other hand Laptops are coming with Excellent features and low cost this is a huge clash for gamers.

Moreover we will discuss about the Console Vs Laptop/Desktop topic in further post.

Stay tuned! Read more about PlayStation 5 by clicking Here.

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