No internet, WiFi-connected How to fix this?

With the current WFH: Work From Home scene internet is the most essential thing and few people are facing the issue of No internet connectivity but WiFi is on.

Reasons for No Internet?

Firstly check all the connected cables to your router.

If there is any kind of issue with it fix it by reconnecting the wires.

Secondly, check if all lights on your router are on. You can perform a hard reset if the lights are not on.

Check if your neighbors with the same ISP having internet issues if yes then contact your Internet Service Provider.

One of the reasons might be the issue of your area check if this kind of issues keep happening.

Issue in your DNS settings or adapter settings.

How to fix issues with router?

Firstly we will do the basic step, Turn Off the router and Turn it on.

Further check all the three (most of routers have three lights) are open and if any one from it is not open you got the issue.

Internet Light will blink for first few seconds afterwards it will be stable and will not flicker. If it is flickering call the ISP and tell him this issue.

Check the WIFI Light is green and not blinking, it blinks for first few seconds further it stops blinking.

From above any one the light is red and not green also if it is not flickering then sit back and contact your ISP as it is their issue.

While checking with your provider you should do what is remove the power supply and cables. Connect them as they was.

If your router is not working properly you should purchase a new one, here are few: Routers .

How to fix issue of No internet with the computer?

Sometime it can be issue from your computer too.

The very first thing you should do is check if you have messed with your lovely firewall.

Disable the Firewall and check if the internet is working if still the issue remains active lets go further and deeper.

Check the proxy it any proxy is up disconnect it and set it to automatic.

Proxy performs a big hand game in internet connectivity, if you are not a geek or nerd you should do is disable it and let the internet work without proxy.

And if you want to use a proxy then use with automatic settings.

Check your VPN software / tool some time it (Virtual Private Network) may slowdown or can cause no connectivity.

Another scenario is check if your neighbours are jamming the internet, nowadays teens are free and keep trying something.

Anyone have might blocked your internet speed. (Yes it is possible)

Fix to this is call your provider he will sort this out.

Here comes the geeky way:

Go to run and type ipconfig/flushdns as shown in the image.

No Internet,Wifi connected, router issue,  how to fix dns issue, no internet, techliq

Flush the DNS cache.

DNS Cache is the temporary data saved in your machine.

Proxy Settings:

Go to your Local Area Network LAN settings then check the box if it is unchecked and set address to ” MY_PROXY” and port to 80.

If it is checked then do vice versa that is uncheck the box.

Also you can do is uncheck everything this will reset all the settings under LAN tab.


The issue might be your outdated drivers, check your drivers and update them

This will work if your drivers are not latest,

Control Panel of your router:

Final step with your PC you can do is go to your control panel reset all the settings and change the wireless mode to default or set it with your choice.

The last step is to perform a hard reset on your router.

There will be a port for reset button on your router physically.

In the conclusion:

If any method mentioned doesn’t work call a professional and he will do it for you.

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