Mobikwik Data breached, how to save your funds?

Mobikwik data breached.

According to independent cybersecurity researchers, Mobikwik’s data has been breached. Around, 3.5 Million user’s KYC data was breached. Mobikwik commented on this denying any possibility of a breach.

On February 26th, Internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia tweeted that KYC data of almost 11 crore Indians have been leaked on the dark web. The data included Pan card, AADHAR information, Credit cards, bank details, and password hashes. Now recently the hacker has claimed that he had access to the company’s server since January 2021.

Since then Mobikwik has denied all these allegations stating that. “Some media-crazed so-called security researchers have repeatedly attempted to present concocted files wasting precious time of our organization as well as members of the media. We thoroughly investigated and did not find any security lapses. Our user and company data are completely safe and secure.”

Well is Mobikwik Data breached?

Even though Mobikwik denies this completely, the evidence says otherwise. Also, many prominent security researchers including Rajaharia and ethical hacker Elliot Alderson have tweeted against the company’s statements.

Many users have checked and confirmed that their data was leaked. Users took to Twitter claiming that this hack was real and that their bank details were compromised.

Okay then how do I check if my data is breached?

To check if your data is safe you will have to download Tor Browser. (Click here)

Now you may ask, what is Tor browser? Tor browser is a web browser that anonymizes your web traffic using the Tor network, making it easy to protect your identity online.

After you download Tor Browser you need to open this link. (Click here)

This will take you to the webpage where all this data can be seen. You can search using your phone number or email ID. If you get no search results, you are safe. If you do get search results there are a few things you might want to do.

How do I save my funds and banking information

This is a little tricky. Once something is on the internet, it stays forever. But you can surely safeguard your accounts. First and foremost change your passwords. If you used your Mobikwik password anywhere else, change it immediately.

Next, you should enable backup emails and Two Factor authentication on your email to avoid hacks. After this you would want to contact your bank and turn off international payments for some time, International payments do not require OTP thus it is not safe to have them ON in this case.

You can also change your net banking passwords. Although they are not compromised but just to be on a safer side. As for AADHAR and PAN info, you cannot do anything about it.

Final Words

These types of hacks are increasing day by day and the fact that Mobikiwk is not even accepting it is crazy. If you enjoyed this article let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay Happy!

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