Instagram Profile Picture Download – How to do it?

There are a lot of sites listed on, for downloading profile pictures, but here is another way for Instagram Profile Picture Download, which is faster and one doesn’t have to see a bunch of ads.

  • Firstly open the Instagram ID of the person you want to download or view the full-size picture of. Go to their profile and click on the three dots, and there will be an option for copying the profile URL. Copy the URL and head to your web-browser. Chrome browser is cherry on top.
  • For both Windows and Android, paste the link in the search bar and open the ID, their Profile will be opened now further click and hold on to the profile picture.
  • There will be an option to open it in the full picture mode or click to view the image in new tab now hold on to the image and click download, it will be downloaded in your storage. Now, this was a simple method to download Instagram Profile Picture.

Here is another pro way Instagram Profile Picture Download from your PC or Laptop.

Do the same steps as the phone, open id copy the profile URL, and paste it into the search tab.

Further proceed, press F12 or Open Developer Tools, now it will open a page like this:

Instagram Profile Picture Download,, techliq, Instagram Profile Picture

Click on the first icon and hover over the profile picture area and click on it.

Now hover over this type of link

Double Click the link it will open a detailed link now right click and there will be an option for going to the link. “Go to https://instagram-link..”

It will open a full size image and again you can save the image in this way. Hope this way works for you, make sure you don’t use the picture or any bad purpose.

This post is for the educational purpose one might have to pay a royalty if the owner asks. Also might have to face legal things if done without the Account Holder’s permission.

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