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Before knowing which hosting provider is best for your website, you must know what is “Web Hosting”, then we will talk about the best web hosting.

and what are the features of a hosting provider which are most important for your website.


What is a Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a kind of service which allows a individual or any organisation to post their website or their web pages over the internet.

A hosting service provider is a business that provide the technologies and the services needed for the websites

or web pages to view over Internet.

Websites are hosted, or stored, on a special computers called “Servers”.

When an Internet viewer want to view your website, all they need to do is to type your website name

or domain name into their browser.Their computer will then connect to your web server and your web server will then connect to your server and your webpage or website will be delivered to them through their browser.

Here are some features you should expect from your hosting provider:

Email Accounts:

Most hosting providers require users to have their own domain name.

With a domain name( e.g and email account feature is provided by your hosting company,

you can create your own domain email account( e.g [email protected])

FTP Access:

The use of FTP lets you to upload files from your local computer to your server.If you build your website using HTML files, you can transfer your local files to the web server through FTP.

WordPress Support:

WordPress is an online website creation tool.

It is a powerful a powerful website and blogging management system,which is a convenient way to create and manage websites. Most hosting providers will tell you if their plans are WordPress compatible or not. READ MORE

Best Hosting Provider?

It’s Technology :

It`s Technology is a Technology Company based in Bharat where they focus on IT Services, Products and Research on New Technologies.

They assure best quality services to our clients and make their vision a reality.

Beside Hosting it’s technology also provide services like Web Development, Digital Marketing, IoT Development,

App Development, Tech Consultancy and Cyber Security.

It’s technology provides different type of hosting services like “shared hosting plan”,

“Powered Hosting plan” ,”WordPress hosting plan” and “VPS Plan”

Here is Screen Shot of Shared Hosting plan of It’s technology hosting service.

Shared Hosting Plan:

A share web hosting plan refer’s to a hosting service where many websites on one server connected to the internet, although shared web hosting is mostly suitable for personal websites,

Portfolio websites and blogging websites.

Key Features of S1 Plan are listed below:

Storage (SSD): 1000 MB

MySQL Database: 2

Addon-Domains: 2

Bandwidth: 50GB

Email Accounts: 2

Control Panel: CWP

SSL Secure Website Access: Yes

Powered Hosting Plan:

A powered web hosting plan also refers to shared hosting but in this hosting plan the user/ customer get

more powerful servers with extra powered CPU

and RAM which enhance your website speed which is very important for any website.

Powered Hosting plan of it’s technology web hosting service.

Key Features of P1 Plan are listed below:

Storage (SSD): 5GB

MySQL Database: 5

Addon-Domains :2

Sub-Domains: 5

Bandwidth: Unmetered

Email Accounts: 10

Control Panel: CWP

Turbo Boosted: 2

SSL Secure Website Access: Yes

WordPress Hosting Plan:

A WordPress hosting plan also refers to a hosting service where websites were hosted on web servers.

One major difference in this plan is that most of websites which were

hosted on this kind of server are WordPress based websites. Different plans are available at it’s technology hosting service starting from just 99/Month.

WordPress hosting plan it’s technology web hosting service.

Key Features W1 Plan are listed below:

Storage (SSD): 5000 MB

Sub Domains: 2

Bandwidth : 50 GB

Email Accounts: 3

Control Panel: eXt Explorer

SSL Secure Website Access: Yes

VPS Hosting Plan:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.A VPS is a type of hosting suited for people who had outgrown shared hosting.

Where multiple sites reside on a single web server with shared hosting and have no guarantee of resources, VPS allow fewer user to share allocated of hard drive space, memory and processor power.

VPS hosting plan, it's technology hosting service.
VPS hosting plan, it’s technology hosting service.

Key Features of VPS V1 Plan are listed below:

Storage (SSD): 80 GB

CPU: 2 Core


Bandwidth: 500 GB

Dedicated IP: 1

Default OS: CentOs 7 CWP

So above you had seen few hosting plans of it’s technology hosting service, for complete information about more hosting and other services of it’s technology, you can visit to official website of it’s technology by clicking here.

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