Indian Mitron App is a Rebranded App from Pakistan : Report

As per a report by News18, the Mitron app is a repackaged and rebranded version of the TikTok app, which is developed by a Pakistani company known as Qboxus. Irfan Sheikh, the founder and CEO of Qboxus told the publication that the developer behind Mitron bought the source code from the company.

Soon after the media reported about the popularity of Mitron app, a team of developers from Pakistan named QBoxus contacted Indian reporters through Twitter. The QBoxus team claimed that they are the ones who actually created an app called TicTic and then put up the source code on CodeCanyon for sale at $34 or around Rs 2,571.

A Statement from Irfan Sheikh, the founder and CEO of Qboxus:

“Our main business model is to create clones of famous apps and sell them at a cheaper price. Basically we help small scale startups who don’t have a big budget for developing an app. Till now we have sold 277 copies of TicTic. Well, there is no problem with what the developer (of Mitron) has done. He paid for it and got the script which is okay. But the problem is with people and the media referring to it as Indian made app which is not the truth. All we want is that news channels should give credits to the original author, People who buy from us don’t have much budget to place security precautions, which require customisations and are expensive. Well, I cannot say for sure but I don’t think Mitron has put any kind of security precautions”

Alongside offering these apps as direct downloads, Qboxus also offers the source codes of their apps for purchase by other interested parties. Some apps apart from Mitron, which were based on Qboxus’ TicTic, and hence offer a very similar interface as Mitron, include ‘Follow’ (released in September 2019), KidsTok (released in December 2019) and HotToks (released in December 2019). As a result, there is no ground for Mitron and its team, which still wants to work “in stealth mode”, to claim that its app is a built in India alternative to TikTok that has been developed by them from scratch. In fact, the team has not even put the effort of changing the interface one bit, which makes for clearly fraudulent practice.

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