How to watch movies online with friends?

The lockdown started in March but, we are still in our homes! Missing out movies with friends? Yeah so we are here to tricks to watch your favourite movies with your friends here is the details for How to watch movies online with friends?

How to stream movies and web series online with friends-details:

Firstly all you have to do is get a subscription of the streaming of your favourite platform or use the ultimate way. (You know, if you know)

Setting up the personal theatre:

Let’s proceed:

  1. All you need is a Discord Account.
  2. Further, Setup your Discord Account.
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3. Create your server and invite you friends and family with whom you want to watch online movies or web-series.

4. Now further, go to or click-here.

5. Search for Pro-Bot or click here.

Now further click on invite and select your server.

Invite bot to your server and check if it is connected in your server.

Now select Voice and create and channel.

Now further, go to the server join your voice channel from your pc and there will be an option with Share Screen.

But, enable streamer mode from the settings.

If you are facing Black-screen then go to chrome > Privacy settings > Sites and disable protected mode.

Benefits of streaming with Discord:

  • It costs less data.
  • Anyone can stream with their PC/Laptop
  • You can stream games too and play scribble.
  • Watching and enjoying movies with your friends.

Discord has lots of features to explore you can explore them as well.

Discord is perfect to stream music without any ads even you can stream non-stop YouTube as well as Spotify Music.

You can use BOTS likes NQN for multiple emojis and can play with BOT games.

Also there are lots of things to do with Discord and has lots of BOTS to explore. You can create your own if you are a coder.

This was it guys, you can stream anything with Discord and share it with your squad.

In conclusion, use Discord and Stay Safe keep reading Techliq.

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