How to watch ipl live? Free ways to watch IPL.

The IPL season is going on and we have already talked about watching movies with friends in this lockdown further now we have the same trick to watch IPL live!

Let us start with the ways where you need to spend some cash!

Hotstar is holding the biggest amount of viewers right now, and it is the best way to watch ipl live.

One can burn it’s Flipkart Coins to get Hotstar VIP for free or you can pay a basic amount to use it.

Further, you can subscribe to channels on TV to watch IPl.

Now further let us talk about our trick / method to watch IPL Online!

how to watch ipl live?

There is a huge crowd on free platforms so one can face issues, especially when CSK, MI, and RCB are playing.

Firstly let us talk some extreme legal ways to watch it live:

Discord is the place for everything, you can watch movies, sports and more.

Here are few server links for watching IPL on Discord:

Terribly Dank Tales:

The Sarcastic Page:

Bhaiya MEME Sena:

All these are discord servers and they do stream IPL everyday, you can also meet new people there too, take care also, few of them have a toxic audiences.

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watch TDT is streaming IPL live.

Make sure you follow their community guidelines.

Also more ways are there like Oreo TV, Thop TV and other are present to watch IPL Online.

There are few twitch streamers who stream IPL you can watch them either, but legal ways to watch are Hotstar Subscription, Channels on TV and Discord.

You can see people in talk channels on Discord for assistance or help in learning discord.

Most of servers are streaming IPL nowadays, you can join any to watch or burn Flipkart coins to get a hotstar subscription.

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