How to use Discord? Bots and other information.

You must have listened about Discord thing, and also in the last post I talked about how to watch movies with friends online, I used DC for that.

What is Discord?

DC is just like any other Social Media Platform but better for privacy and user controls. Discord is a famous platform for PC Gamers.

But, in this pandemic, one can use this for personal use and if you are a teacher you can use it as an online class in a better way.

DC is available on every platform Win/Mac/Android/IOS .

So let us begin with our topic how to use DC.

How to install DC?

How to use Discord?,Using
This is the front side of DC (Discord), you can create an id on the official site of DC.

On the official site, you will find an option for downloading DC for windows and Mac. In the same vein, you can find the application on Google Play Store as well as App-Store.

Creating an account on DC is simple you will need to enter the details and verify your account.

Use a good quality password and add another level of security by using 2-Factor Authentication.

How to use Discord?

Now once you are in the world of DC you can either create your own server or you can join the other servers.

When you are inside the server you can access the settings for Voice. You can set the voice settings as you want or by testing it. You Should use Push To Talk as it is more secure, Other input methods.

Other input methods (Voice Activity) works when they sense sound so if you left it on, a person in the voice chat will hear all the unwanted sounds.

You can use multiple bots to make the server awesome. Try to find the bots of your choice.

You can even stream your content there. AS I told in my last post. (Here)

Also while setting up your server you can even make it more secure by selecting the security options.

Also when you set an Music bot like Groovy and others, you can listen to music without ads. That’s true.

Here is the example of how you can listen, you can use the YouTube Playlist too. Also, this is totally legal.

Stream option is also there to stream with your friends, or your students.

Also you can do group video chats too. But, the thing is you can’t use filters like Snapchat.


Hum karte hai prabandh, aap

You can use DC with bots to pass the time with your friends. you can even send memes with bots directly from the internet.

Also there are multiple discord bots you can use for multiple things like Money bot where you can work, bet stole and do other things with virtual currency and with your mates.

Also, there are lots of things in discord we will talk about them shortly till then you can learn about streaming with discord from my post I mentioned the link above

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