How to link PAN and Aadhar? Is it linked? Status Check.

From 31st March, Government will charge 1000 if Aadhar and PAN are not linked. So here is the step by step procedure to link Aadhar and PAN. With Aadhar and PAN, you can do KYC of multiple things like to trade in cryptos [Click here to know more about it.]

To Link Aadhar and PAN:

Get your PAN, Aadhar and Aadhar linked mobile number to get OTP on. Once you have this you are ready to go.

How to link PAN and Aadhar?

Firstly, visit the site

Further it will take you to a page.

How to link PAN and Aadhar?, Aadhar and PAN Link status

Now in the first block fill your pan card number. Further in second fill Aadhar Number and in next fill the name as per Aadhar, remember me telling you to keep it handy? Make sure you fill it exactly same as on Aadhar Card.

Now if your Aadhar card is too old and it does only has the Year of Birth then tick the box.

Further, click on I agree to validate my Aadhar details with UIDAI.

Enter the captcha code or proceed with OTP Section, enter your mobile number, and request OTP. Once you fill in the OTP, it will show you the prompt.

If your Aadhar and PAN is already linked it will show the prompt that it is already linked and you don’t have to worry and pay the late fees too!

How to check the status of Aadhar and PAN?

Firstly, go on the link:

Enter your PAN Number and Enter your Aadhar Number. Further, hit the button of View Link Aadhar Status.

The prompt will show if the Aadhar is linked with PAN or not. If it is linked you don’t have to worry and if it is not, follow the method mentioned above.

Make sure you do this before 31st March as if you don’t it will attract 1000 Charge!

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