What is wrap cart and how to get wrap cart coupon code?

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What products do wrapcart have?

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WrapCart’s site

WrapCart offers products in the range of 100-1000Rs.

They have tons of mobile skins, Laptop Skins, iPad, Xbox, Playstation , Cards, Charger and audio wearable skins.

They ship all over India, with a charge of around 40-60rs for Delivery, also they don’t have the option of PoD which is Pay on Delivery or Cash on Delivery, Lets know how to get wrap cart coupon code.

What is better a skin or case/cover?

This is hard to judge as it varies from user to user, if you are a user who takes care of it’s device/s then Skins are perfect. Further, if you use it roughly you should buy cases and cover they give a better layer of protection.

In terms of signal quality and looks, wraps get plus points as they look good, sometimes a cover can disturb your signal band, but wraps are pluspoint for it.

Also, wraps can add a matte, glossy, camo and other looks to your phone which a cover can’t.

Wraps support wireless charging, but a few covers can’t. Also, heat dispersion is better in skins rather than covers.

Further, now let us talk about How to get wrap cart coupon code.

Firstly, Go to WrapCart.Com, further make an account and make sure you give your WhatsApp number!

Verify your account and now go back to the wrap cart store. Look for your favourite skins and keep them added to the cart. Add only what you want to buy!

Once you have done this, go to the cart, proceed to payment, fill in your address details and all, now once it asks you for the payment, (Instamojo is the gateway) Click on the Payment tab, it will open the window keep it opened for 2-3 mins and close without paying.

Once you have done this wait for a message from the WrapCart team on your WhatsApp. They will give you a coupon code. Use that and confirm your order!

Hope it works for you! Share if it helped.

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