How to get Jio 5G welcome offer? Jio True 5G

Jio launched its 5G services a few weeks ago and users can now try it on their phones now, Users can experience 1Gbps+ Speed on their phones with 5G but for that, they need to be enrolled in Jio 5G Welcome Offer.

Before you proceed further, please check if your phone supports the 5G or has the bands used in India. Phones with 5G bands can get Jio 5G welcome offer.

Or secondly, if your city has 5G towers installed, if not then this offer will not be applicable.

Check here to see if your phone and city support Jio True 5G .

How to get Jio 5G Welcome offer?

Once your phone is updated to the latest software, you should see 5G in your settings. Turn it on and proceed to

Now that you are on Jio’s site you will find a page which says Jio Welcome Offer.

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Here select your state and click on Express Interest, it will pop up a login window, enter your Jio number and submit the OTP.

Once the OTP is submitted it means you have enrolled yourself for Jio true 5G. Now you have to wait for 24 hours.

In 24 Hours user will get a text SMS with an invite to Jio true 5G. if you do not get the invite then follow these steps.

  • Open the MyJio app, there will be multiple banners, click on the banner which says Jio True 5G offer.
  • Now click on it, it will redirect to Jio’s page to experience Jio True 5G.

Now once you start experiencing Jio’s true 5G, head over to SpeedTest and test it out. If you don’t get the offer then call Jio’s helpline number.

On the helpline, users can ask for enrolling on Jio’s welcome offer. Once you get the offer try and test it and comment the speed you are getting.

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