How to get Discord Nitro at no cost? Trick to get nitro.

If you are a Discord user you know why Discord Nitro is essential. Further, if you don’t know about Discord you can read the post right How to use Discord? Bots and other information.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a subscription by company which allows the user an extra layer of fun and accessibility. It costs around 9.99$ per Month for normal subscription and 4.99$ for Only Classic which does not include Server Boost.

Further, it can be used for streaming video at 1080p@30FPS or 720@60FPS. Moreover, it allows the user to use Global Emotes.

What are Global Emotes?

Firstly you need is the bunch of servers, Global Emotes is the bridge to use the emotes of multiple servers at the place where you want to put the emoji.

Usually, the user can not send the emotes from another server, Nitro allows it, Although you can use NQN Bot but Nitro has it’s own swag.

All you need to have is an internationally usable credit or debit card.

How to get Nitro at no cost?:

Firstly go to the website

Then Click on Join now button

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After this you will see a list of plans select the first plan and it will redirect you to the payment page.

Enter your Credit Card or Debit Card details which does support international payment.

Now you are ready to go.

Install Xbox Game Pass from Appstore/ Play Store and Click the button with your profile picture.

You will see the perks there, click on view all, search for Discord 3 Free Months of Nitro and click on it.

It will redirect you to the Discord login page, enter your id password of Discord and booyaah. You are now subscribed to Nitro. Now lets go back to the portal of Xbox and turn of the recurring payment to make sure it will not charge you 700 next month.

Enjoy :0 Keep Sharing.

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