How to download pubg lite easily?

As we all know, PUBG is one of the most popular games in the market. It has excellent graphics quality with many features. But the size of the original version is way more prominent, so its parent company Tencent launched a lite version of this game so that users with low-end specifications can also play and enjoy the game. In this post, I am going to share the process of how to download pubg lite.

Downloading a game or an apk that is not available in the play store is difficult if you are not familiar with this kind of stuff. So, you need a guide who will help you to accomplish the task quite easily. In this post, I’ll be helping you through the complete process of downloading pubg lite.

Tencent has recently launched the Indian version of PUBG called BGMI. It is similar to pubg, so the size of the game is also almost the same. The lite version of this game is not available in the play store. To download the lite version, you need any outsourcing. In this post, you will find the link to download the lite version.

Playing games with friends is fun, but what if the game isn’t available in the play store? Then you can’t download the game, so you need an outsource to download. You are at the right place; you can easily download pubg lite here. Keep reading the post till the end.

Requirements to download pubg lite:

You don’t need anything much; you need the device where you want to install the game and an active Internet connection. I believe you have both as you are here reading the post.

How to download it on your mobile?

The process of downloading and installing pubg lite on your mobile is easy. Keep following the steps mentioned below-

  • First of all, click on the download now button.
  • It will redirect you to the downloading page.
  • Now there, you will get to see another download now button.
download pubg lite
  • Click on that, and your download will be started.
  • After the download has been completed successfully, go to your file.
  • Then search for the file that you have just downloaded.
  • After you have successfully found the app click on that.
  • It will ask you to give permission for the installation process and follow the steps suggested.
  • Now click on install, it will take you some time, and pubg lite will be installed on your device.

That’s it; you have successfully installed pubg lite. Start playing and have fun.

Is it safe to download pubg lite from outsources?

Your thinking about this is right, you should download or install anything outside of play store, as it may contain malware and damage your device. But the source mentioned above is verified by me and trusted. You can download the game from the link without thinking twice.

Is it available for iPhone users?

I am sorry, but this is not possible for iPhones, you can only download it for your android phone.

What is the size of the file?

The game’s file size is not that much compared to PUBG. The size of the file is approximately 945MB. You can easily download the file expending this small amount of data.

How much time will it take to download the file?

I have already mentioned the file size above; it will ultimately depend on your internet speed.

How to install it after downloading?

After the file has been downloaded completely, go to your file and search for this file using a file name, or you can directly go to the download folder, click on that file and give permission for installation and install the file.

You can also open your browser from where you downloaded the file, then click on the top right corner, now click on downloads; there, you will be able to see the file you downloaded. Click on that, give permission and install. That’s it.

download pubg lite

How to share the game with your friends?

You can directly share the link of this post with your friends to help them download the game. If your friend doesn’t have that much data, you can share the game offline too.

First, connect with your friend through any file sharer like zapya, share me etc. Then share the apk first. Now share the file; the file is located in your files, android-OBB-com.Tencent.public , share this file with your friends. After you have successfully transferred the file, follow the below steps to install.

Now install the apk on your friend’s phone. After the installation process is complete, open the app for some time and close the app. Now go back to your files, and locate the files you sent. Copy that file and go to android-OBB folder, there, you will see a folder named Tencent, paste the file. That’s it, open pubg lite again and start playing.


In this short post, I have guided you through the complete process of downloading and installing pubg lite. I hope you have successfully installed the game in your device without facing any errors. If this post was helpful for you, then leave a comment below and share this with your friends to help them download pubg lite. Have a great time playing pubg, thank you, visit again.


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