Hide Apps in Android, Even if ROM doesn’t support!

Hidden Apps, Hide Apps, how-to?

Thought of Hide Apps
Hiding apps in a phone is a way of keeping things private and secure.
Whether it may be hiding apps from your friends and family or securing your financial details and private business information. Whatever be the reason, we have compiled some ways below of hiding apps in Android.

Hiding in secure folder

This is the easiest and non-troublesome way of securing your apps. Some phones have a feature to hide apps, pictures, documents etc. Samsung Galaxy series also have this feature. To turn this feature ON in your Galaxy Device just go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Secure Folder and then follow the on screen instructions to create a secure folder in your folder.

Hide apps using launchers

The best way to hide apps in any phone is by downloading launchers with “hidden apps” option. Almost all the launchers today have this kind of feature. Some of them are Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Poco Launcher etc.
To enable hiding apps in Apex Launcher:
• Go to Apex Settings
• Then Click on Hidden Apps
• Next select the apps you want to hide and there you go

For enabling this feature in Nova Launcher the process is almost the same however, you
will have to buy the Nova Prime Subscription to access this feature.

Lock your apps
If you don’t want to skin your Android Launcher then using App Lock is another way of
securing your apps. It supports fingerprint authentication and it also has an
Advanced Protection feature which doesn’t let you uninstall the app without
entering the password. Once installed you just need to set a password/pattern/pin
and then select the apps to lock. It can also lock system applications.

Some operating systems like MIUI 10 have an in-built app lock feature which can also
help you to lock your apps.

There are so many apps on the Play Store saying they can do this simple task but it really
narrows down to trust and favorites. Let me know in the comment section below
of apps not listed on this list. And as always “Stay Healthy, Stay Happy”.

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