Expecting a COVID-19 Malicious Phishing attack! Government notifies.

During the pandemic, we are expecting a “COVID-19 Malicious Phishing attack” on 21st June.

Hello Guys, Firstly I’m hoping you are staying at home! If you are not please make sure to use a mask! Stay safe on privacy too as “COVID-19 Malicious Phishing Attack” may occur on 21st June.

We are seeing an increment in Cyber Crimes in this pandemic moreover now Indian-Government announced something!

Firstly Read this tweet!:

Government Cyber security notified people to beware of fraud mails:

Not only Individuals but also businesses will receive fraud mail, Subject might be “COVID_-19 FREE TEST KIT”, Mail to receive from is “ncov2019@gov.in”

Additionally, CRET [ Computer Emergency Response Team ] told 2-Million email ids of citizens.

Additional Details: [ UPDATED 21st JUNE – SOURCE ]

  • COVID-19notice@usda.govCcff
  • applications@banlofenglanf.co.uk
  • Covid-support@mof.go.jp
  • fopr@korea.kr

*These are the suspect emails to get mails from*

The phishing campaign may use malicious emails under the pretext of local authorities in charge of dispensing government-funded COVID-19 support initiatives. To drive recipients towards fake websites, which are Phishing websites this mails are used.

They are deceived into downloading malicious files or entering personal and financial information,” CERT-In said in a statement.

Moreover this mail will contain data related to COVID-19 Subject. The COVID-19 Malicious Phishing attack campaign will be live on 21st June and further on.


What is Phishing attack?

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Hacker work front of his laptop computer with dark face.

Phishing attack is an attack where attacker sends you a modified web page which looks like an authentic service, but it is not authentic, you feed your data in the form. Attacker maybe targeting a single person or maybe group.

COVID-19 Malicious Phishing Attack who is behind this?

There is no source about the origin however our guess is “maybe” “China” is behind the attack as China’s Technical Army tried an attack before! [UPDATE: LAZARUS; NORTH KOREA HACKING GROUP]

Precautions to take:

Do not open a mail subjecting related to COVID-19, Wait for the authentic sources don’t believe in random mails.

Use Arogya Setu Application for your safety and make sure download it from Playstore ONLY.

Do not feed your data like Credit Card, Debit Card, banking details, PAN etc data on a non authentic or suspicious site. Government is not distributing any kind of Kit for free yet.



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