Cool WhatsApp Tricks to make WhatsApp more fun

There are many WhatsApp tricks. WhatsApp would be more fun if you know these tricks. To use these trick you neither need hacks nor mods. All these tricks or you can features are inbuilt. I am mentioning few WhatsApp tricks. You may know about them. If not then know these tricks.

1. Check how much you talked to whom.

There is a feature in whatsapp where you can check how much you talked to whom.

  • First of all open whatsapp and then click on the three dots (top right corner)
  • Then go to settings
  • Then click on data & storage usage
  • Now click on Storage usage.
  • Here you will be able to see how much you talked to whom.

2. Reply WhatsApp messages without coming online

This is not like what it sounds. To apply this trick follow below steps.

  • First of all turn on flight mode. Then open your WhatsApp Now reply your WhatsApp message
  • Now close whatsapp, even remove the app from multitasking window.
  • Turn off flight mode. That’s it. Your last seen would be the same as before.

In this way you can reply your messages without letting others know.

3. Chat Export

You save your chat history by exporting your chat. To do so follow the below steps

  • Open your whatsapp and click on the three dots
  • Then click on setting
  • Now click on chat
WhatsApp Tricks
  • On your bottom side of screen you will see chat history. Click on that
WhatsApp Tricks
  • Now click on export chat.
WhatsApp Tricks
  • Choose the chat which you want to export.
  • And that’s it. The chat will be exported in your mail.

4. Two-step verification

If you don’t know about this feature. Then I’d like to mention that this is very important to make your whatsapp secure. Suppose you have loosen your sim card then no one will be able to open your whatsapp without Two-step verification. To turn on the Two-step verification follow below steps.

  • First of all go to settings Then go to your account.
Two-step verification WhatsApp
  • There you will see two-step verification. Click on that.

Follow the instructions and enable that

5. Bold/ Italic / Strike text

  • To Send Bold Text simply put a ‘*’ before your message and another ‘*’ at the end of your message. Like *hi*
  • To send Italic text simply put a ‘ _ ‘ before your message and another ‘ _ ‘ at the end. Like _hi_
  • To send striked text simply put a ‘ ~ ‘ before your message and same after the message. Like ~hi~

So, these were the some cool WhatsApp tricks. Hope you have learned something new. Share this article with your friends or family to let them know about these trick. Thanks for reading 🙂

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