Top OS for hacking

In the following post we will be talking about Best Operating Systems for Hacking, cybersecurity etc!

Firstly a question!

Have you ever wondered how hackers either black hat, white hat or grey hat,hack any system or network which have some vulnerability or any kind of loop holes.

However, You might thought that hackers are able to penetrate any network because they have enough skill and knowledge to do that, and if you are thinking like this then you maybe correct or incorrect.

Yes it is true that a hacker have deep knowledge about programming.

For instance just imagine a situation where anyone will ask a barber for a haircut but they will not provide important tools

such as scissor or hair trimmer ,then do you think that the barber will able to do his/her job?

The answer is “NO” the barber will not able to do his job because he doesn’t have the required tools for doing that.

Same condition applies with a Ethical hacker or any kind of hacker.

Any hacker is incomplete without few tools and one of the most important tool for any hacker is none other than an Operating System.

Here is the list of top 5 operating Systems used by Ethical Hackers:-


1 Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a debian derived Linux distribution designed by digital forensics and penetration testing.

It is maintained and funded by offensive security.

Kali Linux comes with more than 600 pre-installed testing tools, it is literally a toolbox for anyone who work for information security.

These versatile tools are updated and are available for different platforms such as ARM and VMware.

You can download Kali Linux from-

surely Kali is one of the Best Operating Systems for hacking!

2 Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS is also based on Debian, it was developed by Froozenbox. It is designed for ethical hacking, network penetration testing, computer forensics, cryptography etc.

Compared to others, Parrot OS provide a light weight operating system. It has plethora of highly recognized tools.

For example by using Parrot Security OS, you get opportunity to work anonymously.

For those who don’t know, Parrot OS is a mixture Frozenbox and Kali Linux.Parrot OS use Kali Linux repositories to update its tools.

You can download Parrot Security OS from –

We can count in this os for Best Operating Systems for hacking

3 BackBox

Backbox is an Linux Operating System based on Ubuntu distribution on security assessment and penetration testing.

BackBox Linux comes with many security analysis tools that help you in analyzing web applications, network analysis, etc.

It is very fast and easy to use, is a favorite Linux distro among hackers, comes with a complete desktop environment.

Software repositories are updated regularly with more stable versions of the tools used by hackers.

You can download BackBox from here –


Samurai Web Testing Framework is basically a Linux environment that runs on LIVE.

It comes pre-configured to function as a platform for network testing.

The framework contains several open source hacking tools to detect vulnerabilities in websites. It is often called as the best operating system for website penetration testing (Web Penetration Testing).

You can download Samurai Web Testing Framework from here-


Based on the Gentoo Linux LINUX distribution, Pentoo is an operating system for network penetration testing that is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit installable Live CD.

You can also use Pentoo with a Gentoo Linux installation

This distro uses the XFCE interface and comes with ease of allowing you to save any changes you make to your USB drive.

This excellent operating system for hackers comes with a wide variety of tools, which fall into the categories like Exploit, Cracker, Scanner etc.

You can download Pentoo Linux from-

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