Banned Chinese Apps by Intel Agency and their alternatives!

Here are the (Red-Flag) banned Chinese apps and their alternatives!

Hello Guys, Firstly I hope you are doing fine with the current situation, in this post, we will be talking about the banned Chinese Apps by Intel Agency.

There are total 52 Apps but we picked  10 for you,

However, we have their alternatives too, so don’t forget to share!

Meanwhile, Here are apps, let’s talk about their alternatives and them.

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Here is the list!

  • Turbo VPN: Firstly this app had large audience from India reason you guys know! however, Proton VPN this app is way better than the Turbo VPN.
  • Proton VPN has more security and it doesn’t log your searches, it has paid likewise free version too.
  • UC Browser: This app has a fanbase in India, most people use this app for piracy and illegal works.
  • However, Alternative of this software is Duck Duck Go, Mozilla Firefox.
  • ShareIT and Xender have widely used sharing application.
  • Files Go likewise Files by Google and Jio switch.
  • Viva Video: This app is used for video editing moreover video memes.
  • But the alternative is KineMaster similarly, Adobe Premire Rush [Phone]
  • Cam Scanner: This is a widely used application for both commercial and none commercial use.
  • Adobe Scan is a perfect replacement for this app. Likewise Microsoft Lens is also an option.
  • Beauty Plus: This app is used by the hypocrites who say #Blacklivesmatter but use this kind of apps, this are useless apps.
  • For Filters use Snapchat, or use B612.
  • UC News: UC News was not much famous still few people use this.
  • However the famous app Daily Hunt, now NewsHunt is its alternative likewise Google News is also an option.
  • Parallel Space: Work is the cloning of apps. Almost every phone has an inbuilt feature.
  • An App cloner is an option.
  • Zoom: Lockdown was a boost for this application, it got famous.
  • However, Google Meet, Skype and Microsoft Teams is alternative.
  • Most awaited and public demand for Banning Tiktok! Yes Tiktok is on target by Intelligence Agency.
  • Alternative App for TikTok is ShareChat, it is an Indian app.

So, The Intel Agency red-flagged these apps, The remaining 42 Applications are also on list and we are finding the alternatives for them.

In short the Chinese-App ban is now serious thing to note, Oppo cancelled their launch too!


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