Rockstar Games launcher error code 7002.1 SOLVED!

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We hope you all guys got a free copy of GTA V from Epic Games, however, 
7002.1 Error Code in GTAV is peeking out.

We will talk about rockstar game launcher error code 7002.1, how to fix this,in this post.

Epic Games gave a free copy of game 14 Days ago, and in conclusion, both Epic Games and Rockstar Games faced the issue of server overload.

Epic Games solved this but Rockstar is still working on it.

You might have faced an issue with Error code 7002.1, Let’s see how to fix this issue:

First see if Rockstar Games Launcher is downloaded in your PC, if not download it from Rockstar-Games.

Now open the Rockstar Games launcher sign in with a social club accounts which you used to load the first game.

Now wait for the second and it will load the game display with button “LAUNCH ON EPICGAMES”

Before this go to you PC Appdata (you will find this in disk c / your root disk. Enable Hidden items to see) (Users-Local-AppData)

Once you get into the app data, find Epic Games and see there will be a folder with name “WebCache” delete this folder.

Deleting this folder will also solve your problems with Epic Games display issue.

Now try launching GTA: V With Rockstar Games Launcher you will see the issue solved.

Rockstar Games launched GTA: V a few years back and still in 2020 It is popular as GTA: V launched.

GTA Online has active players daily in lakhs, Rockstar games are planning to launch their GTA franchises next version GTA VI.

Rockstar Games is a huge company and they have made great games like RDR, (Red Dead Redemption) RDR2, Bully and further more.

Epic Games is also giving free game copy every week so don’t forget to claim the game!

In conclusion, I hope this might have helped you. If yes, please subscribe to the notifications to stay updated and share this with all the GTA:V Players.

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